Sixth Law Cycles

Bespoke bicycles that bring back the joy of riding

Raising the factors of a great bicycle to the power of you

Imagine the first time you rode a two-wheeler by yourself. Can you feel the excitement?

What was it about that first ride that was so thrilling? The feel of the bike? The awareness that the ground was rushing by, and that you were flying just above it? The tenuous control you had on your own destiny at that moment? The feeling of accomplishment that you had finally done it—learned to ride?

I remember my first ride. I was riding a blue drop-frame bike with a banana seat that had belonged to my older sister. My dad had worked tirelessly for hours, running up and down the street with me to keep me upright. Then one time, I realized he wasn’t holding me up anymore. I was riding on my own, wobbly and tentative, but free from gravity. It’s a good thing that first ride didn’t last long (I quickly ran into a neighbor’s leaf pile) because I don’t think I was breathing. It was magic.

You deserve to relive that joy every time you climb on your bike. Sixth Law Cycles builds great bikes by hand to transform steel into smiles. I want to make something for you that will inspire you to ride. All of the factors that create your bike—whether it’s the shape, color, style, size, or accessories—only become a great bicycle when you ride.